Manage your patient relationship and control your online reviews.

Ask your patients to leave you real reviews on Google, and retain them via a single platform!

Simply reveal your patient image

The medical professions also need to face the opinions left by their patients on the internet.

Dealing with these new flows of conversations to preserve their often dearly acquired digital notoriety is not easy for practitioners subjected to a duty of secrecy.

Smile Mood was designed for you, healthcare professionals, in order to easily manage your e-reputation.

Fast and genuine loyalty

Adopt good habits after each consultation that went well: send your email and SMS « Feedback » campaigns directly in 5 minutes per week.

Get real reviews

This solution allows you to embody an active position by having good reviews to be posted on Google, rather than passively by being overwhelmed by patients who would leave an unfavorable review on their own.

Not a doctor ? Our application is still made for you !

Smile Mood is a solution made for all professionals in contact with clients.

« Behind every patient review is an experience that matters. »

The aim of our solution is to take the lead in your medical e-reputation by going directly to seek opinions from your satisfied patients, in order to prevent only dissatisfied patients from expressing themselves.

A safe and innovative app




The purpose of this device is to build loyalty and facilitate the collection of real, authentic opinions from your patients. Smile Mood is designed to retrieve reviews in real time to automatically post them on your Google My Business listing.


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